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::Defying Gravity::

Content: I read quite a few entries. You talk about the day and what goes on, daily events... That's what a diary is for right? Well, you don't show as much emotion in the way that I'm used to, I guess. You have a different style of writing that is a nice change of pace for me. You talk about the day yet still talk about what goes on and how you feel about everything. You're right, diaryland should be to help people and not judge them by their diary. *Like a lot of reviews do* This is your place to let it all out, so go for it girl... No one is holding you back! (25/40)

Layout: I really like this layout! I've never seen it before and it's just... different! It really caught my eye. The colors all work well together. The dark blue is a little hard to read on the black but that might just be my vision... I should probably wear my glasses when I do this. But other than that, it's great ;) Everything seems to be working fine. Yup, fine 'n dandy. (20/20)

Emotions: You do get your emotions across. Like I said earlier, in a different way but you still do it. (15/20)

Extras: Enough to know just a little more about you! (10/10)

Link: I won't count off for this... SR has been so down latley so I thought I would finish my pending ones and give you the reviews you asked for... I won't count off for this. Sorry about all this! (5/5)

Contact: Of course! (5/5)

Total: (85/100)

Comments: I enjoyed reading your diary! It was fun and refreshing. Sorry about the wait... I really do apologize for that! Enjoy~


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