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it's hard to behave when you're hit with a crave

Content: You are hilarious. This made me laugh. I go to the gym all the time and really enjoyed reading this. So funny, yet so true! Your writing is amazing. You really know how to get your emotions across. Man, I wish I could write like you! You have serious entries too though, and those are just as emotional. This entry I could relate to, in a way. See, I am moving to Arizona in the fall, but I am actually looking forward to being out in the desert. My dad is like this too. We are content with silence, and usually that is the best thing for us. Nobody is perfect, but I couldnít help but give you a perfect score. I love your diary! (40/40)

Layout: Itís really nice. Simple, with soothing colors. I like how all the links are on the left in green. Itís a great layout. Simple is always the best! (20/20)

Emotions: You write with so much emotion. I donít think you could put anymore emotion into your writing even if you tried. Itís packed with emotion. Itís so wonderful!! (10/10)

Extras: bio, picture, cast, tagboard, reviews, fans (10/10)

Link: The link is on the reviews page under "pending" (5/5)

Contact: e-mail, notes, guestbook, tagboard; we can definitely get in contact with you in we need to! (5/5)

Total: (100/100) You get a perfect score, even though if you add up all the numbers it only equals 90. Not sure what happened to those 10 extra points..? Oh well, your diary is the best Iíve seen!


Favorite Entry: I actually have a few. Of course, the postcards entry was great! Good thing you didnít play this joke because some people really might have believed it. Haha!

Favorite Quote: Beside the postcards to my cats this wouldnít be so strange except the fact that I never had a fish. Ėfrom here

Comments: I liked everything about your diary. You are downright hilarious, but you can be serious and you write serious entries just as well. Your diary is great.

Reviewed by: Amanda

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