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{{I am Beautiful}}

Content: You use a lot of "lol"s and "c ya" and stuff like that. Internet talk, that isn't good. Try to break that habbit and write with real words. I hate to say this but I got sort of bored with your entrys. You talked a lot about your day and that just got boring. If something exciting happened at school tell all about it, and then tell how you feel about it. That goes with some of the emotion too. Most of your entrys are short and not really worth reading. Oh, and your me page, you need to write about you. That's why it's called "Me". All you wrote about was how many and who your best friends are. I give you some slack that you just started the diary, and your age. But I just couldn't get into it. (25/40)

Layout: This is a very well made layout by Lis Design. The peachy color is very nice. The layout is a good one, and I like all the features it gives you. I've seen this layout on so many other diarys I'm getting sick of it. I have to admitt, I had one like it, but I got sick of it pretty quick and changed it. It's a well made layout and it's your diary. (16/20)

Emotions: You don't have that many entrys sinse this is sort of a newer diary. You don't write with much emotion. You tell how your day was and what happened, just the dry parts. Try to write with more emotion on how you feel. It does have some effect that you are just a sixth grader. I'm just a seventh grader, but try to write more on how you feel. (5/10)

Extras: Bio, Cast, but that link doesn't work. (2/10)

Link: The link is up, but it's just put up as "reviews" and somehow "stalkers wanted" is a link to us too. You need to accually make a "reviews" page, so that way you can add links to all the reviews you sign up for and just make a link to that page. (2/5)

Contact: Ya! It all works. (5/5)

Total: (55/100)


Favorite Entry: n/a

Favorite Quote: n/a

Comments: This could be a really good diary. You just have to write for you and how you feel. It has a lot of little things wrong with it. I can help you with that if you want. I'm not an HTML goddess but I know enough that I can help you out. Most of your links aren't working and on your archives you need to archive them. Just e-mail me and tell me if you want help. Don't feel bad about the score you got. Most of it was because of your entrys. But don't let it get to you, your diary is for you and no one else! You shouldn't care what Reviewers think, it's just our opinion. But I will be coming back to see if anything is changed and if you need my help I'm always here.

Reviewed by: Lyndsey

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