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The Reviewers

Manda Helene HEY! i am the proud new owner of sweet reviews. i have been around for almost 18 years, and i live on the 'net, so reviewing is a great pastime for me. i am from maine, but i now live in central new york. i have been keeping an online diary since june. you can check you my life here. i like to review to see how others write, and organize their thoughts. i am pretty straight forward about my reviews. i mostly review on content. spelling doesn't really bother me (since i am not the best speller), nor does grammar. although i do have in the 90's in english, so if your writing is atroshious, you will not get a very good review. i do not review depressing diaries very often. as of right now, i will not be doing any. sorry. otehr reviewers will be glad to review you. all in all, i will try to be as honest as i can.

Lyndsey: I have finally handed it over but I'm still here part time. I'm reviewing by choice and if they need an extra little help!! You can check out my diary before you get a review. Good Luck!! And thanks for stopping by ; )

Amanda: I've been around diaryland since early 2001, but haven't been faithful until recently. I live just outside the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Reviewing definatly fits my personality. I love to analyze things, and most of all tell people my opinion. I love humor, and anything that can make me smile. My interests include saxophone, german, swimming, motorcycling, M*A*S*H (as you can tell at my diary, found here), and techno music. I try not to be soft with reviews, but I also know how to put myself in someone else's shoes. The most important thing to me is that a reviewer should practice what they preach. (Note to all who are pending. I use Netscape as my main browser. If your diary has major, and only major problems with Netscape, please let me know so I can view you with IE.)

Blair: I have resided in diaryland for over three years now. I am emotional content junkie. Music is life for me. I love word play, ironic phrases, all kinds of quotes, and the beauty of realizing the obvious for the first time. I believe that honesty is very important, so if I review your diary I will give you my honest opinion. I will always try to be constructive with my opinions, but I will not be candy coating them. The beauty of being reviewed is that you can see your world from someone else's perspective. Live and learn, right? ;) (See my world)

Jewelx: Having been on Earth for 13 years so far, I've seen my than my fair share of life. Despite that, I enjoy reading diaries with emotion, reading and writing fiction, and also review. When I get down to doing a review I can complete And I might as well add that I dont like to fail people unless they did really badly. You can check out my diary here

Ashley: hey there! to introduce myself -- i'm a young, fairly attractive 16 year old from maine. i am a reviewer for my lovely friend manda helene, the new owner of sweet reviews. i haven't actually reviewed anything, so bare with me. i can't spell, so don't worry there -- and grammar isn't a biggie to me either. your entries inspire me, i will love every second of them. if you don't hook me in your writing, most likely my review will not be so pleasing. like i said, hang in there with me -- i'll do my best. You can check out my diary here

Note: You can request anyone for a review, just be sure to put it in the request! Manda Helene Blair Jewelx and Ashley are reviewing full time. Amanda and Lyndsey are strictly by request only, and if we are in a bind and need reviewers.

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