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We are not accepting reviews as of 9/15/03. I'm sorry for that but it's gotten out of control. I haven't been able to keep up with the pending list and I don't want to shut it down. My reviewers aren't reviewing like I would like them too, and yes, I know we all have lives. I'm sorry for this inconvienice...we'll hopefully be back up and running soon! Thanks for your understanding. RULES

1. It can be any type of diary! Diaryland, Diary-X. As long as you meet the require ments here. Then you can be reviewed

2. You must have at least 20 entrys. We can't get to know you if you only have 2!

3. You HAVE to link back to us, if you don't, we won't review you. You can text link us, that is fine. But there are buttons that you can use!

4. Please no hate mail, if you have any comments either leave them in the guestbook or e-mail them to me

5. If you want a review, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, e-mail them to me at this e-mail, not my other one, or sign the guestbook! Oh, and when you e-mail me, please leave your URL!!

6. When you tell me you want your diary reviewd say please and thank you! = )

7. No TyPiNg LiKe ThIs, it gets really annoying. And please not IM language, like brb! omg, lol~ We will reivew you, but it won't help

8. No porn or racism. A little bit of stuff won't kill us, but we don't want all the details

9. We will take Diaryland templates, but don't expect to high points in the layout part.

10. Please request your own diary, not your best friends!!

11. If you have a stolen diary, which most people don't, we won't review you. We just have to be sure whoever made the layout gets the credit! ; )

12. If you know a reviewer here you must tell us that and request someone else. That isn't fair, you must be a little unfair when you review if you're their friend!!!

13. If you want a re-review, you can request one at least a week after your other one. When you request a re-review please tell us that it isn't your first review here and tell us the reviewer you had before. Sorry, but you get the same one!!

14. One last thing, at then end of the e-mail say: "I'm sweet!" (Or something along the lines of that) Then I know that you've read the rules.

Just follow those rules and you're on your way to a review!!! And check out the scoring while you're at it. Also, this isn't a rule but just to inform you. Thanks to the wonderful Leslie Irene we have rings now! Here is what they are and what you have to score to apply for them:

80-89 "Sweet Silver"
90-99 "Sweet Gold"
100 and higher "Sweet Platinum"
95 and higher "Favortie Diarys"
Now just go to our rings page and apply!

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