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Content: This review site is going to be based A LOT on content. Good writing is what makes the diary right? So we're going to read 20 entrys and we're going to talk about each one. (Well maybe not all of them, but a few) Tell you if you can improve or not, what you do great, and what you should work on. (40/40)

Layout: Is your layout one that we like or dislike? Do the colors go well together, is something too big. Is the font nice or hard to read. One big thing is how well it goes with your diary. Like if you talk about dance all the time and you have a American layout it doesn't really go together. Or if it goes with your username. Some people base their layouts on their username. All that goes into consideration (20/20)

Emotions: This one is based on how well you get your emotions across. If you just write the basics out and don't put any thought into it, it's not fun to read! If you just spill your guts and tell how you feel about everything you are writing about and everything that is going on in that entry....that's good. (20/20)

Extras: How much extra stuff you have like, reviews, quizzes, questions, etc. etc. The more you have, the more points you get. (10/10)

Link: Did you link us like I said for ya to? (5/5)

Contact: Can we get a hold of you easily? And we can find it. (5/5)

Total: (100/100)


Favorite Entry This isn't scored it's just for fun. This is where we say what are favorite entry in your diary is and why we like it so much.

Favorite Quote: This isn't scored either, but if we think something you said is funny or touching or something we put it on here!

Comments: Stuff that we can say that is nice about your diary! Just stuff that we liked and yada yada yada.

Don't forget to look at the rules too! *hint *hint

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