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Content: Your entrires were pretty much short and to the point. You got everything across though. When people usually write short entries they just say what they did and that's about it. You told how you felt and wrote in a way that I like! I felt like I could really relate to you in the things you wrote about. I feel like I knew what you were going through and so I really enjoyed reading it. I've had some of the same New Year Resolutions. This was my favortie entry. It was beautifully written. You got all your emotions across and you just told what you felt. I have gone through that exact same thing and I felt worthless. I loved someone with all my heart and he barley even noticed me. Pain like that sucks but you wrote about it beautifully. Don't you love when stuff like This is my other favorite entry. After I finished reading it I just stared at the computer screen. I've felt EXACTLY like that and it was so perfectly put into words. I feel that you are an amazing writer. The way you are with words makes me just absolutly LOVE your diary. I feel like I can relate to you on many things and on many different levels. I love reading diaries that I can relate to and really enjoy. I loved reading every part of your diary! So, thank you!

Content Score: 45/40

Layout: I think this picture is beautiful. I love the words and the picture in the background, it just all fits together perfectly. The font color goes perfectly with the background, very easy to read. All your links seem to be working but one and they aren't all clusterd up. (It's your profile link, just see what's up with that...) One thing I did see is your "older page". It's all big and clustered. I can't see the links to the other months and everything is just a mess. Just see what happened and try to fix it. It's a simple but pretty layout! I personally love it! = )

Layout Score: 18/20

Emotions: Emotions were awesome. That's about all I have to say.

Emotions Score: 20/20

Extras: I read your "me" page... I love this. Sport: Used to be gymnastics, but now it's dancing. I dance too!! That is just great. I love it. It tells all about you and gives me a great look into who I'm reading about. I kept reading and we have a lot of things in common. Just things we like and some answers you put I would put the same thing. = )

Extras Score: 6/10

Links: You have a link to us, along with a million other review sites!

Links Score: 5/5

Contact: You have your e-mail and your profile probably has stuff on it, but I can't see it... so yeah. But e-mail is about the only thing you need. Not bad. I found this page as I was reading your diary. I would put a link to it by your e-mail link. It would make people find it easier than by searching everywhere for it. I'll still give you the points though = )

Contact Score: 5/5

Total Score: 99/100


Favourite Entry: This one and this one.

Favourite Quote: There were way too many to narrow it down.

Comments: I loved your diary. The layout was beautiful and your writing was just as great. Everything you wrote I felt like I could relate to or I've felt like that before. It was just a really great diray to review. You are a great writer. I will definetly be back to read more! Thank you so much for letting me review your diary!

Reviewed by: Lyndsey

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