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Mundus Vult Decipi

CONTENT: Your writing is very intense. You write very mature. I'm not sure how old you are but I know that you are quite a bit older than I am. Your writing is so capturing. You are good with words. Your entries are interesting...but some of them tend to be on the same topic. Some of them are boring at times, they are very long and drawn out. Which is good!! I was very taken to your diary and the way you write. It's great!

Content Score: 35/40

LAYOUT: This layout is very, very pretty. The brown and the colors in the picture really go nicely togehter. The writing I like. It's a very simple picture with a pretty woman sitting in a white dress holinding a flower. It just caught something. Out of all the diarys I review, this layout just caught me. Evil Gnome likes to use that sort of layout, but I really like this one. Good job!

Layout Score: 23/20

EMOTIONS: Jampacked full of emotion!! You write will tons of emotion and tell how you feel. Some people just can' get their emotions acorss in their diarys, but you can!! You write with tons of emotioin!!

Emotions Score: 15/20

EXTRAS: You really don't have many extras. You could try making a cast page or a bio page, something that tells us a little more about the person and the people we are reading about! You have some extras but really not a lot.

Extras Score: 4/10

LINK: Yep, the link is there, and it works fine.

Link Score: 5/5

CONTACT: Loads of ways!!

Contact Score: 5/5


Favorite Entry: Couldn't find one! I loved a lot of them and I couldn't pick a few

Favorite Quote: Monday through Wednesday I've already worked 21.9 hours on it! That's... um... $220! Wow, making money is fun!

Comments: You have so much potential in this diary!! Your writing is wonderful and I really enjoyed reading it. The more you add to your diary and the more emotion and great content you put into it the better scores you will get on reviews. If you keep it up, you will have a perfect diary!! Keep up the good work!

Reviewed by: Lyndsey

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